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Kinabenuwa Eco Tourism

October 29, 2016
October 29, 2016
Marine Park
October 29, 2016

The Kina Benuwa Eco-Tourism

is a pristine mangrove forest located on the lower Kina Benuwa river stretching over 97,604 hectares. It inhabits the southern end of Labuan. This is a conversation area dedicated to the protection of the fragile eco-system and its rich biodiversity. Ecologically sustainable tourism is an integral part of the nation’s tourism industry and here in Labuan , bio-tourism is garnering much attention. Revel in the natural wonders of Labuan Island and partake in nature’s bounty in its pristine conditions..

The Kina Benuwa Mangrove Ecology Park are conservation areas dedicated to the protection of the eco-system and to celebrate its rich bio-diversity. While it is a hotspot for the purpose of research and education , it is also a major eco-tourism destination in Labuan.

The Kina Benuwa Wetland is loacated in the lower Kina Benuwa River on the southern end of Labuan and is made up of 97,604 hectares of pristine mangrove forest . Within the area is the Kina Benuwa mangrove forest reserve , home to some 16 mangrove species from 7 different families. Stroll along the boardwalks amidst towering trees and shady canopies , with mangrove ‘residents’ making an occasional appreance . There are rest platforms along the way and a restaurant whre you can fill the bellies and exchange stories after a day of exploring the forest reserve.


„Latitude. 5.2833°, Longitude. 115.2167°”

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