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Rows of lanterns adorn Labuan town before Chinese New Year celebration. Even though the Chinese community only contributed about 12% of Labuan population by ethnicity, Chinese New Year is always widely celebrated on this island. Big gratitude to Labuan Chinese Chamber for this amazing effort. Those who cannot go back to your hometown due to the Movement Control Order, we hope the liveliness of the lanterns 🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮 bring shine and hopes to you and your family for this upcoming Chinese New Year.

Photo credit : @kian.kiang

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Underwater may be the place you should be going… its beautiful, mysterious, wild but yet it set you free… dive 🤿🥽 deep and explore the devastation that has transformed into a stunning paradise.


The origins of the Australian wreck dates back to 1890, where it was first used as a Dutch cargo and passenger steamer. It was scuttled by the Dutch during WWII to prevent the Japanese from using it. However, the Japanese salvaged what was left of the ship and used it as a cargo vessel. It was henceforth known as ‘Imbari Maru’.

In 1944, the vessel met a tragic end when it was attacked by the Australian air force (hence the name) and sunk 23km southwest of Labuan. 339 people died, many of whom were female prisoners (known as ‘comfort women’) while others escaped via lifeboats. Because of its tragic end, many believe the wreck was haunted 👻

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Tourism Updates

Tourism Updates

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    National Tourism Policy 2020-2030 Executive Summary
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    BIMP-EAGA Investment Opportunities in Corridor Value Chains

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