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October 29, 2016
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October 29, 2016

Labuan was declared Federal Territory in 1984. In 1990 the Federal Territory of Labuan was declared IOFC (International Offshore Financial Centre).

  • 1800Pirate Attacks

    1800 Labuan was under the rule of Brunei became the shelter for the ships from storms and pirate attacks.
    Pirate Attacks
  • 1846Free Trade Port

    1846 Labuan was officially handed over to British by Raja Muda Hasim pada 18 December 1846 and was declared as a free trade port.
    Pirate Attacks
  • 1888The Chartered Company

    1888 Labuans administration was handed over to British North Borneo Company which was known as The Chartered Company.
    Pirate Attacks
  • 1907Straits Settlements

    1907 Labuan was placed under the administration of Straits Settlements.
    Pirate Attacks
  • 1942Maida Island

    1942 The Japanese Army invaded Labuan and took control of the island. The name was later changed into Maida Island.
    Pirate Attacks
  • 1945Jeneral Masao Baba

    1945 Jeneral Masao Baba signed a surrender letter at Layang-layangan Beach in front of Jeneral Mejar George F. Wootten, 9th Division Commander of the Australian Allied Forces.
    Pirate Attacks
  • 1947Founded

    1947 Town Syndicate was founded to administer Labuan.
    Pirate Attacks
  • 1984Federal Territory

    16 April 1984 Labuan was proclaimed as the Federal Territory of Labuan.
    Pirate Attacks
  • 1990IOFC

    1 Oktober 1990 Labuan was pronounced as the International Offshore Financial Centre. (IOFC).
    Pirate Attacks

Labuan Declaration as Federal Territory 16th April 1984

Initially, the proposal for accommodation Labuan Island under Federal Government was announced by Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Harris Mohd. Salleh after Barisan Nasional Meeting at Kuala Lumpur on 1 st August 1983. Sabah State Assembly Hall has conferred on 8 th March 1984 (Federal Territory Of Labuan Enactment 1984). On 16th April 1984, Labuan Federal Territory was officially formed according to Constitutional Act (Amendment) 1984. Sabah border was amended due to the formation of Labuan Federal Territory. As was confined under Constitutional allocation Item 3 and Item 4 (Amendment) (No 2) 1984. Labuan as Federal Territory will consist from Labuan Island and all territories with 4.8km coverage (3 nautical miles) from the particular island, including Rusukan Besar, Rusukan kecil, Kuraman, Burong, Papan dan Daat islands.

It will be governed under Federal Government and was placed under Ministry Control. Meanwhile, 16 th April 1984 in Labuan, it will be a historical event and meaningful to the citizens. Thousand of Labuan citizens witnessed Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir B. Mohamad and Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Harris Mohd. Salleh signing "Labuan Agreement" documents that has changed Labuan status to the Federal Territory. Various even and ceremonies and events such as Barisan Nasional Higher Meeting , Taman Damai Officiating in Layang-layangan, Spin competition as well as lantern and car parade to enlighten the Labuan memorable Day.

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