Beach ATV ride in Labuan

Beach ATV ride in Labuan

You guys know that I like outdoor adventurous stuff kan despite I don’t like the hot sun, leeches, stickiness (usually from hanging by the sea) and etc. But when there is ATV in an itinerary, I usually won’t say no, never (well, unless I have to climb or it involves height) … Well, seeing ATV as one of the activities in our Labuan trip doesn’t exactly awe me, ‘been there, done that’ was my reaction. As for toughness level – I have done a few tough/extreme ones, I have even experience riding an ATV around the Siem Reap villages and paddy field at sunset. Hence, it takes a lot to impress me (flip hair).

And you know what?They did just that.They impressed me.Kow tow.

In order to keep things in perspective and in a structured manner, I will share their unique selling point that I certainly appreciate (it’s more clear cut this way lah kan).


1. Friendly and prioritise safetyWell, most ATV operators are. And this one is too. Showed us the steps, guided us (those forgetful few – yeah! Like me!), ensuring we have driving license (eh!) and accommodative (ni penting).
2. TerrainTechnically it is not that extreme or tough as we did not cover jungles, rives or plantation and whatnot. Having said that, jeng jeng jeng…. They promise us that it will be an experience of a life time (gitewww), hence, muddy terrain was enhanced (read ; purposely), steepness of molehill was not forgotten, slim log bridge was included (at a few places). Adventurous – check.

3. ViewAll you need to do is cross the road, and it’s the tadaaaaa… beach!
4. VehicleIts sturdy and robust. No squeaky sound nor does it rambles like a motorboat.

5. Beach ATV rideMy dream came true (sampai mimpi kita, wak…). Well, with one strict rule though – no riding in/near the water (salt waterkan, nanti rosak ATV tu). The moment they say, we riding the ATV at the beach, everyone starts taking out the cameras, smartphones and drone. We ride like there is no tomorrow, speed without worrying the bumpy surface, breaks ever so freely as no one is blocking you path (and if they do, the beach is wide kot, corner ler tempat lain kan) and allowing the sea breeze kisses our sun tanned beach boy/girl face. Heavenly feeling with rugged on the side. We were the outriders!
6. PhotoHere’s the thing – single photo BY the ATV, single photo ON the ATV, single photo KONON-KONON RIDING the ATV, group photo BY the ATV, group photo ON the ATV, group photo KONON-KONON RIDING the ATV. Of course then there’s the photo with the mud splashing the ATV, photo KONON-KONON SKIDDING, photo taken from the back view, photo taken from side view, as well as photo taken from the front view. Eh! Belum habis lagi…. Photo by the beach, photo by the beach with ATV, photo BY the beach ON the ATV… etc etc etc. By now you got the drift lah kan kot. You can guess berapa juta photos we have on our camera of ourselves and of others kan. And mind you, all the above mentions were excluding the drone footage tau.

What I would have appreciated even more (of which I doubt they will comply. Ever.) is to have a long journey ride – like those snow mobile ride, and ends it with a barbeque by the beach. It will be so cool kan (hint hint). Whaddayathink?

Operation Hour
Wednesday – Sunday : 9:00am – 4:30pm (booking is required)Walk-in on weekends

Smart Ryders ATV
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +60143580027

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